Janu Shirshasana B (Head to knee Posture)

Janu Shirshasana B

Janu Shirshasana B (Jānu Śīrṣāsana) = head-to-knee-Posture

Dṛṣṭi: pādayoragre = to the tip of the foot

Start in a sitting position with the legs straight out in front.

Bring the right leg up and sit on the heel of the foot. The foot should be underneath the perineal floor – in between the anus and sexual organs.

The right knee is at 90 degrees to the left.

Strengthen through both legs.

Inhale stretching up (keep the chest lifting)

Exhale fold forwards and place the hands down where they can comfortably reach – aim to eventually hold the right wrist with the left hand (reverse the hold when doing the opposite side).

Inhale and lengthen up through your spine, and then exhale as you deepen the pose – drop your elbows towards your legs.

Hold here for three to five breaths.

Inhale up as you release.

Repeat on the other side.