Ardha Chandrasana 1 (Half Moon Posture)

Ardha Chandrasana

Start kneeling.

Inhale and lift your bottom of your heels, and then exhale.

Inhale and move the right foot forwards so that you are lunging forwards.

Exhale and bring your hands to your hips whilst moving the body forwards (lunging more forwards.

Inhale and bring your arms up above your head and lift your chest upwards.

Exhale and keep your shoulders relaxed.

Inhale and arch the body backwards whilst holding the chest up.

You can hold your hands at shoulder distance (if there is strain on the neck) or bring the hands together with the thumbs uncrossed (thumbs crossed can tense the shoulders!).

Hold this position for three to five breaths,

And then inhale come up and out of the posture whilst keeping the chest still lifted.

Exhale and release the arms down to the hips or sides.

Repeat on the other side.