Baddha Hasta Shirshasana A (Bound Hands Headstand)

Mukta Hasta Shirshasana A

Baddha Shirshasana A (MuktaHasta Śīrṣāsana) = Bound-Hands-Headstand

Dṛṣṭi: nāsāgre = to the nose

From kneeling.

Place the hands on the floor in front of you, elbow distance apart and interlink the fingers.

Then place the very top of your head on the floor and nested into your hands.

Straighten the legs and start to transfer the weight to your arms, shoulders, upper back and a little on the head.

Stay here, or walk the feet towards your head.

Stay here and breathe, or gently lift one foot and then the other off the ground.

Do this posture in stages as you build your confidence up.

Eventually jump both feet up and slowly straighten the legs upwards.

Hold wherever comfortable for up to ten breaths.

Exhale as you lower down and come out.

Enter Childs pose to release any pressure placed on the neck (stay for five breaths in Childs pose).