Bhuja Pidasana (Arm Pressure Posture)

Bhuja PidasanaBhuja Pidasana

Bhuja Pidasana (Bhuja-Pīḍāsana) = Arm-Pressure-Posture

Dṛṣṭi: nāsāgre = to the nose

You can either move into this posture from Titibasana posture (as in the Ashtanga practice) or come into this posture simply from standing.

Inhale and step or jump the feet around the hands – the hands are flat and the fingers are pointing forwards.

Bend your elbows back and squat the bottom down so that you are resting your upper legs on your upper arms.

Walking the feet closer together in front and eventually cross the ankles.

Inhale and lift the feet off the floor and come to a balance on your hands.

Keep the arms strong and the legs engaged.

Exhale and lean forwards the place your forehead (eventually the chin) on the floor in front. The feet go through the legs and are off the floor.

If you need to keep the feet on the ground as you lend forwards.

Hold here for three to five breaths and then inhale up and out – the reverse way of how you entered the posture.