Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)


Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

Gomukhasana (goh-moo-KHA-sah-nah; Sanskrit: गोमुखासन; IAST: Gomukhāsana) or Cow Face Pose

Start from sitting with the legs out in front. Inhale and bring the left leg up and under the right leg, so that the knee is bent and the left foot is positioned next to the right hip. Exhale and then inhale bring the right leg up and over the left leg and exhale place the right foot next to the left hip. Relax the hips into the posture. Now, inhale and raise both arms out to the sides.

Exhaling, take the right arm up and the left arm downwards.

Bend the elbows, and take both hands behind the back and aim to hold the hands.

Try to simply place the hands together rather than to grip them together (as this causes more tension in the arms and shoulders).

Lift the chest as you inhale and as you exhale relax the shoulders and bring the hands together more.

Hold here for three to five breaths.

Inhale and then exhale as you release the arms.

Do this on the other side, with the left leg on top and the left arm above.