Obilques – Side Leg Lifts

Ab side lift 3

Ab side lift 2

Ab side lift 1

Works the obliques.

1) Lie on the side (right first) and rest the head on the extended arm.

2) Keep the body in a line and lift the top leg a little way up on the inhale.

3) Hold here and breathe 3-5 breaths and then raise it a little more (optional) on an inhale.

4) Hold again for 3-5 breaths.

5) Lower a little on an exhale and hold for 3-5 breaths (or just lower down).

6) You can continue lifting and lowering like this for as long as you’d like (make sure you do the same on the other side though).

7) Then repeat on the opposite side.

This is usually practiced about 3 times on each side.


Ab side lift 4 - variation