Padangushthasana (hold-the-big-toe-posture)

Padangushthasana (Pādanguṣṭhāsana) = hold-the-big-toe-posture

Dṛṣṭi: nāsāgre = to the nose

Start standing with the feet hip distance apart.

Exhale bring the hands to the hips.

Inhale and lift the chest up and arch slightly back.

Exhale and fold forwards from your hips.

Hold the legs, or ankles, and eventually hold the big toes with the first two fingers of the hand wrapped around them.

Inhale and stretch the spine by lifting the chest and lengthening,

and then exhale bring your forehead towards the shins.

Bring a little bit of weight onto the fronts of the feet and pull up your quadriceps to strengthen around the knees.

Elbows come traditionally out to the side, however to decrease any pressure on the neck and upper back/shoulder blades, move the elbows towards the legs (relaxes the shoulders more)

Hold for about three breaths.

Inhale as you come up bringing the arms above the head and exhale as you bring the arms down.