Plank Posture

Ab plank - easy variation - knees up

1) From kneeling place your hands on the floor in front, shoulder distance apart.

2) Come on to your toes and walk the feet back so that you eventually your body is straight.

3) Your wrists are under and in line with your shoulders and your gaze is at the floor between the hands.

4) Your heels are pointing upwards and your whole body is engaged in holding the posture strongly.

5) Breathe long deep breaths here for up to ten breaths.

6) Exhale as you bend the knees to the floor to come out of the pose.

Repeat up to three times.

NB: This posture has variations: Easier version is to keep the knees down in the posture. More challenging variations are; resting on the forearms rather than the hands, and resting on the forearms with the knees down.

Ab plank - easy variation - knees down Ab plank knees down

Ab plank knees up