Utthita Hasta Padangushthasana (Stretched-hand-grasps-big-toe)

Utthita Hasta Padangushthasana (Utthita Hasta Pādānguṣṭhāsana) = stretched-hand-grasps-big-toe

Dṛṣṭi: pādayoragre = to the tip of the foot

From standing. Inhale and lift the right foot off the ground and hold either below the knee with the right hand (first version) or hold the big toe with the right first fingers wrapped around it (full version).

Exhale and ground the standing leg and foot.

Inhale and lengthen through the body and both legs.

Exhale fold from your hips and aim to lay the torso along the leg with the chin touching the chin.

You can also do the easier version, as here:

Hold here for three breaths. try not to pull with the chin, use the abdominal muscles and Uddiyana bandha to bring you forwards. Shoulders relaxed.

After three breaths, inhale and bring the torso back up and then exhale release the foot/leg down to the ground.

Repeat on the other side.