Yoga Nidrasana (Yoga Sleep Posture)

Yoga Nidrasana

Yoga Nidrasana (Yoga-Nidrāsana) = Yoga-Sleep-Posture

Dṛṣṭi: bhrūmadhye = in the middle of the eye brows

From lying.

Lie down on your back and first bring up the left leg as you inhale.

Hold the left foot with both hands and slowly (as you exhale) move the foot behind your head/neck.

The shoulder is in front of the left leg.

Inhale and then bring up the right leg and slowly tuck it behind the left ankle (and behind your head/neck).

Move your shoulders through the legs more.

Inhale as you lengthen your body and then exhale as you reach with both hands to behind the back and hold the hands.

Relax and breathe here for three to five breaths.

To come out (on your exhale), gently move your right leg out and then your left.

Roll over or up.