Upper Body & Sinuses Massage

The neck muscles (anterior and posterior) are related to the functioning of the sinuses as they are important in drainage from the head and the scalp, as well as for immune responses.

Using your thumbs and fingers, start massaging the posterior neck muscles, from the base moving upwards, squeezing and releasing the muscles as you go.

Then go to the sides of the neck and use your fingertips to make stoking movements up the neck, and using the fingers and thumb of one hand stroke up the front of the neck.

Next, squeeze all the shoulder area and release, do this five times.

Slowly move down the arms, squeezing and releasing until you get to the hands.

Use your thumb to kneed into the opposite hand and make circular movements around the palm, then squeeze up the fingers, pulling away at the fingertips.

Do this for the other hand.

Repeat this massage until you feel release.