Chakra Visualisation


Begin sitting (or lying) with the spine straight. Close the eyes and take your awareness to your breath.

Visualise a vibrating red energy around the base of your spine and into your legs, hold this visualisation and feel/see the colour becoming brighter and brighter.

Now around the sacrum visualise a bright orange energy, stimulating all your inner organs and lower spine. Stay with this visualisation for several breaths.

Next, around your lower abdomen and lower back, visualise a yellow energy, radiating brightly up to your ribcage. Stay with this visualisation for a while also.

The do the same for the heart centre (green), the throat (blue), the third eye – centre of the forehead (purple) and then above the crown of the head (white/gold).

Take your time in each area – cleansing and purifying.

Finally sit for a while with all the energy colours in mind. Spinning and shinning brightly in there locations. Feel the energies balancing and clearing all of the body.

When you feel the time is right to come out let the chakra colours fade away and close in a little, then drop your head down and open your eyes when you are ready.

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