Throat Chakra Visualisation

Begin sitting (or lying) with the spine straight.Close the eyes and take your awareness to your breath.

Focus on the throat area and feel the energies of the throat.

Visualise a deep bright blue energy circulating in and out to the front of your throat.

Then notice the green energy of your heart centre, and then the energies of your third eye (centre of forehead0 which is a purple colour.

Spend some time breathing whilst focusing your awareness on these particular chakras. Aim to bring the throat chakra (perhaps by closing it slightly) into balance with the upper and lower chakras.

After a while release the imaging and imagine your whole body is full of white healing light, healing all the body and it’s energies.

Stay here with the visualisation for a while and then when you are ready allow it to fade away leaving the whole body feeling refreshed and balanced.

Gently open your eyes and blink a few times.