Agoraphobia is a phobia where the person has fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult (the word comes from the Greek words, meaning ‘fear of the marketplace’). A person with Agoraphobia might be fearful of travelling in lifts, on public transport, or even leaving their homes, and if they become panicked by their situation or surroundings they may have symptoms of panic attacks, increased pulse rate, shallow/quick breathing, feel nauseas, and also perspire with feeling hot.


Usually there has been a trigger for a person to develop Agoraphobia. Sometimes a person may have suffered a trauma or been deeply affected by something in their life. Not all persons with this condition understand the root cause and sometimes to heal, they don’t need to know. However, with the help of yoga techniques, a person can heal themselves, or use the yogic techniques when the symptoms of Agoraphobia arise.

What is the symptom trying to tell you?

Those who suffer with Agoraphobia tend to have a fear of losing control, of ones life and also of situations they find themselves in. The deeper meaning of this phobia is that you perhaps find it difficult to trust – others, yourself and environmental issues. With this there is the possibility of feelings of helplessness and internal suffering, of wanting to hide. Many ‘sufferers’ feel that they have been dealt a bad card in life and act/feel like a victim. If you really want to live your life fully, you need to stop feeling and acting like a ‘victim’ and find the positivity in every situation, rather than allowing fear and negative feelings consume you. Practicing meditation and breathing techniques will help you, however positive thinking will always win for you. Time to start thinking positively right now! It’s a practice like all the yoga postures and techniques, the more you practice it, the easier it becomes, then it becomes a way of life and very natural to do it.

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