Athletes Foot

Athletes Foot is a common fungal infection of the skin on the feet and tends to occur between the toes. It especially breeds because footwear and socks create a warm and moist place for it, which then shows on the outer surface of the skin, promoting fungal growth. This infection can become itchy, red and sore if left untreated. Athletes foot is so called as it was most popular in Athletes whose feet would be used excessively in exercise and become warm/moist. It also occurs due to using public facilities such as changing rooms and swimming pools.

In yoga it can occur in people who practice ‘hot’ yoga, or ‘Bikram’ yoga. Obviously this symptom starts before it appears on the body, with an energy change within the body and usually relating to the affected area of the body. Through certain yoga postures and breathing techniques that have been given as starting points here in this article, you can improve things through a yoga practice.


What is the symptom trying to tell you?

Skin infections or irritations tend to represent underlying deep seated frustrations, stress, anger, and/or something that has gotten under (or on) your skin. With Athletes Foot, this has a tendency to be something related to family or home life (and the first Chakra Muladara), and/or about your security. Whether this is something from your deep past, or a present issue, it needs addressing along with dietary changes (as the root chakra is a physical centre). If it is a frustration about a person, situation or environmental circumstance, you have the power to heal it on a deeper level. Deep yoga breathing when you feel the anger or frustrations arise will help, as well as a strong yoga practice to work out any frustrations from your being each day would be ideal, until you feel an inner calm and peacefulness – on and off the mat.


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