Bulimia is a condition in where a person tries to control their weight by bingeing on foods and then making themselves sick, and/or using laxatives also. A bulimic may restrict their food intake quite severely, but most likely then enter the binge/purge cycle. Sufferers often feel that this condition controls them and struggle to have a healthy relationship with foods.

There can be numerous underlying causes for this condition, and can also be associated with other conditions, such as depression, low mood, alcoholism, self-harm. Like other eating disorders this symptom/condition is usually related to blockages of the root chakra and the energy of the lower body – which tends to relate to family (issues), and safety/security. Work on the lower energies of the body through yoga can help heal and balance the energies, and here are some Yogic Prescriptions to help….


What is the symptom trying to tell you?

As mentioned this condition can be associated with other behaviours, addictions and disorders. All these conditions can be helped when root chakra issues are addressed. Mostly these conditions arise quite a while after any event that has affected the root chakra energy, and has taken a while to manifest in a physical, outwards manner. This condition is a cry for help and the person needs healing of the root. Usually the person dreams of having abundance, but when close to receiving good things, they unconsciously believe they are not good enough and need to let go of it or push it/people/things away from them – this shows itself in the binge/purging cycle. With chakra yoga and sound therapy, a person can heal. If this is you, then now is the time to start your self-healing. Also seek counselling as you use yoga to heal.


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Bulimia - PDF download
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