Cervicalgia (Neck Pain)

Cervicalgia is the term for neck pain which does not radiate outward and is
derived from the Greek ‘algos’ meaning pain, and the Latin ‘cervic’ meaning neck. The
pain is most likely due to causes other than nerve compression in the neck, such as from the cervical spinal muscles which have become tired and overused, or after injury or


Keeping the neck, shoulders and upper back flexible is important, as a lot of pain can be caused by stiffness and rigidity, however finding out the actual cause of the pain is
important when deciding upon a course of action. Yoga is a wonderful healing tool when used in prevention of, and in recovery from neck pain.



People with neck or upper back pain tend to carry their problems and tensions in this
area. You are most likely holding the weight of them on your shoulders, be it mental,
spiritual or emotional weight. Is this ‘weight’ or ‘burden’ your own or someone else’s?
Are you ‘sticking your neck out’ for others? Are you truly speaking/acting your truth?

What direction do YOU want for your life to go in? There’s a lot of energy around the
neck areas causing you pain, whatever you are holding in needs to be released. The
neck area is related to the throat chakra… which is related to communication and
honesty. The pain is telling you it’s time to be honest…with yourself.

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