Cramps – Legs

Cramps (leg) is a pain that comes from the muscle of the leg and is due to muscle spasm when a muscle spasms too hard. Sometimes these appear in the quadricep muscle, or lower calf muscle below and behind the knee. Occasionally the feet muscles are affected too. All ages can experience cramps and they can last up to 10minutes with varying pain levels.

The cause of cramps are sometimes unclear on a physical level (idiopathic leg cramps), However, they can be caused due to poor nutrition, dehydration, over exercise or too little exercise.  When cramps occur, massaging and pressing into the belly (middle) of the muscle can ease the spasm, though to avoid it occurring again the cause needs to be addressed. Yoga can address all levels of the cause (mind, body, spirit), through postures, breathing/relaxation techniques and mindfulness, in prevention of and treatment of cramps.


What is this symptom trying to tell you? If it had a voice what would it say?

The heart and lungs are related to the heart chakra and the throat of course relates to the throat chakra. This suggests that asthma is in fact a symptom of the heart and throat. Do you have difficulty in saying no? Are you pushing yourself to limits or feeling stuck? Are you always trying to prove yourself? Are you exhausting yourself, making yourself out of breath? Working with the energy of the heart will help release any blockages. Being conscious of your breath, it’s time to breathe fully and release any limits. It’s time to love yourself fully and to speak your truth, from your heart to yourself and others.


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Indigestion - PDF download
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