Hodgkin’s Disease

Hodgkin’s Disease is a type of lymphoma (a cancer of the lymph system – part of the immune system). One of the first signs of Hodgkin’s is an enlarged lymph node, and it can also spread to the nearby lymph nodes, and on to the lungs, liver or bone marrow. Found early enough, this disease can be cured.


For this disease there is no clear medical cause for it, however in Yoga Therapy we look a little deeper than the body – and we believe that the cause is found in the energy of a person before it becomes known in the body. Positive thinking, healing meditations and positive actions have been proven to reduce symptomatic signs and diseases, and in some cases heal a person completely. It is never too late to start yoga and its many therapeutic techniques, your journey could start now.

What is the symptom trying to tell you?

As mentioned, it is never too late to change; you just need to genuinely want to. The first place to start is why the disease started in the first place, and this may be very different for different people. ‘Generally’, people with this disease hold a lot of resentment and toxic thoughts. You may have too many commitments and feel an urge to consistently please others, with the fear of failure being quite prominent within. However, you can start now to change your thoughts and actions into more positive ones. Let go of thoughts of those who have hurt you and stop hurting yourself with your thoughts/actions. Healing meditations can also help you heal yourself mentally, emotionally physically and spiritually – healing you at the deeper level you require.

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Hodgkin's Disease PDF download
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