Hypercholesterolemia (High Cholesterol)

Hypercholesterolemia (known as High Cholesterol) is where there is an extremely high level of lipids in your blood. Too much cholesterol in the body can cause health problems such as coronary diseases such as angina, heart attack and stroke.


High cholesterol doesn’t usually show itself in the form of symptoms so usually diagnosis is after having had a blood test at your local GP’s. Changing your diet and becoming healthy is the aim here. Yoga techniques and nutrition changes will certainly make immediate positive results.

What is the symptom trying to tell you?

The body is producing the cholesterol as a way of protecting itself. However, it is producing too much of the wrong cholesterol (not all cholesterol is bad for you!) now and we need to reduce that. Are you fiercely protecting yourself from hurts or feelings? Are you holding on to too much negativity (bad cholesterol) from the past or present? It’s time to let go of the fight or flight situation you are in and bring much more joy and happiness into your life, starting now! For you it is now very important to let go of any sadness and be happy!

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High Cholesterol - Hypercholesterolemia PDF download
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