Poor Circulation – in legs

Poor Circulation – in legs (also known as Peripheral Artery Disease) occurs as arteries narrow and reduce blood flow to limbs of your body. Thus, your blood cannot keep up with the demands of your body and can cause pain (usually in the legs). Symptoms include: leg pain while walking, cramping in arms or legs after activity, cold feet, calf pain, leg numbness or weakness, hair loss or slow hair growth on legs, sores on feet or legs that won’t heal, slow toenail growth, and erectile dysfunction in men.


Diet, poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, and a lack of exercise can cause poor circulation in the legs. Yoga postures and deep focused breathing techniques alongside a healthy diet is important if you wish to improve the circulation issues you have. The knock-on effect will also be that you feel much better and more motivated as you make these positive changes in your life.


What is the symptom trying to tell you?

As poor circulation is obviously part of the circulatory system which provides sustenance and nurturing to your body, the flow of this has been somehow affected. This is usually over a little bit of time, or if you have had these symptoms for a while, then it will have been for longer. Think back to when it came on and be aware (without judgement) of what was happening that was significant in your life BEFORE the symptoms appeared. Here there could be some clues as to where you need to heal from. The circulatory system starts to break down usually when a person holds onto angers, fears, self-hate, criticism, heartbreak, and disappointments. They might also experience a loss of confidence after the event/experience that has affected them on a deeper level. Through inner searching, in meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, you can find your answers and when you do you can continue to use yoga to heal. Giving and receiving love in balance will help you to heal immensely.

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Poor Circulation - in Legs - PDF download
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