Post Natal Depression

Post Natal Depression is a type of depression which some woman experience after having a baby. Symptoms are start in the first six weeks of having a baby, though quite often is not apparent until around six months or more. Symptoms can include, irritability, low mood, feelings that one cannot cope, anxiety, and hopelessness.


Post natal depression can go unnoticed for quite a while, with mothers feeling low as they feel they ‘should not’’ feel this way, especially having a wonderful new baby. it is important to notice the symptoms when they start to arise as a professional will be able to help. Self help is vital and this is where yoga can help. Becoming mindfulness of your thought, actions and feelings, and being kind to yourself as much as possible will help recovery.

What is this symptom trying to tell you?

As mentioned the symptoms can be a few. Most importantly you seek help and visit your midwife and GP if need be. These symptoms tend to be related to hormones and energy levels fluctuating and so need to be helped into balance again. Arranging for some you time, if only for an hour or so is needed, for you to rest and recuperate. Do something nice for yourself EVERY day and stop putting yourself last. It is time to meditate in movement too…meditate as you feed the baby, change the baby and do your daily things. The yogic prescriptions here will start you off and you can do them with your baby too if you wish.

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Post Natal Depresion - PDF download
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