Reactive hypoglycaemia

Reactive hypoglycaemia is sometimes experienced by people after a high carbohydrate based meal or snack. The pancreas produces too much insulin in order to regulate the amount of sugar (glucose) in the body. This usually happens within four hours of consumption. Some of the symptoms include: dizziness, craving of sweet foods, tiredness, irritability, sweating, and numbness/coldness in the extremities. 


Obviously nutrition is a major play here; however this really is still a symptom for something more. Usually a craving for something nice or sweet, in life.. Getting to know yourself through yoga can deepness your awareness of yourself, and assist you in finding out what you really want. Going within in these yogic prescriptions will start you off in the best direction.

What is the symptom trying to tell you?

As already mentioned, this symptom is a reaction to your need for something more in life. This something perhaps being a feeling of completeness which fills you up with love and joy every moment, of every day. What are your dreams? What does your heart want to say to you? Are you listening to your inner true needs, or complying with someone else’s or what you perceive to be the ‘right’ choice. Ask yourself, “what do I need right now and everyday that will fill me up with light and happiness?” that doesn’t come in the way of food or objects. Meditation, yoga, walking, breathing and having time with yourself will help you find your deeper answer.

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Reactive hypoglycaemia - PDF download
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