Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder)

Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder) is a continuous fear of social situations and public events. This fear is usually overwhelming and life controlling for the person suffering with it. This condition is above the occasional panic of social interactions as the sufferer worries intensively about any present or future social situation, such as eating out in restaurants, answering the phone, meeting people – especially new people. This phobia is far more than a shyness or aloofness, which it is sometimes interrupted as.


This phobia often starts in childhood and tends to affect women more than men. It can be quite debilitating and is often not talked about because of a lack of acknowledgement or embarrassment. Yoga can help a person understand themselves on a deeper level and can help a person with this phobia connect with their inner being so that they can remain strong and grounded in any social situation. These yogic prescriptions can really help in coping with this disorder.

What is the symptom trying to tell you?

Sometimes this symptom is an indication of a lack of grounding and of the sufferer being not quite connected with their physical bodies. This phobia/anxiety is often helped by focusing inwards, in the body with the breath so that the person gains a better sense of self. If one connects with their inner being on a regular basis, it can actually help the person to connect on a social level too. The root chakra energy needs nurturing here as there will be a lot of higher chakra energy going on around the heart and head, so this energy needs to be sent downwards in the body so it is more grounded and balanced. Walk in nature and practice yoga, breathing, and meditation in the woods, or field, or your own back garden and this will help.


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Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder) - PDF download
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